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Where can I catch a taxi?哪里我可以叫到租借车?The taxi zone is right on the left corner over there.租借车站台就在左面转角处。Are you free?您有空吗?Sure. Where are you going?当然。您要去哪里?Drive me back to Santa Clara.载我到圣塔克莱拉。Santa Clara? OK. That's about 20 miles away.圣塔克莱拉?好的,大约是20英里远。How much will it cost?需要多少钱?That'll be thirty-six dollars, sir.先生,车费是36元。Here you are. You can keep the change.给你。零钱不必找了。You're very generous.你真大方。That's alright. You're a lot of help.没联络。你帮了很大的忙。Take me to the railway station.载我到火车站。Take me back.载我回去。What is the charge for that?那要多少费用?How much extra do I have to pay for that?我还要另外付多少?Keep the change for yourself.找回的钱你藏着。The change is yours.找回的钱给你。Don't give me the change anymore.不必给我找钱了。Is this the bus that goes by the mall?这班公共轿车经过商业街吗?No, it isn't. But you can transfer from this bus to bus number 24.不,不经过。可是你可以搭这班车转乘24路。Good. How much is the fare?好。车费多少?It's seventy-five cents for adults and thirty cents for children under twelve.大人75美分,12岁以下的小孩30分。Will it cost for the transfer?转车要钱吗?Yes. When you get on the transfer bus, just show the bus driver this ticket stub.要。当你上了转乘的公共轿车时,就把这张票根给司机看。You will only have to pay another ten cents and a nickel for your child.你只需另外再付10美分,而你的孩子只需再付5美分。That sounds pretty good.听起来挺好的嘛!You can take a seat now.如今你找个坐位坐下吧。When you're ready to get off, remember to press the button near your seat.当你要下车时,记住按你坐位旁的按钮。Is this bus going to Dallas?这车开往达拉斯吗?Get me off at the Fifth Avenue.请在第五大道让我下车。Where can I put the coin?硬币要放在哪儿?How long does it take?要花多久时刻?Can you tell me how to get to the railroad station?你能告诉我怎样去火车站吗?May I help you, sir?需要我协助吗,先生?I'd like to cash some traveler's checks here.我想在这儿兑换一些旅行支票。Certainly. Do you have any identification?当然可以。你有任何证明文件吗?Yes, I have my Passport. Here it is.是的,我有护照。这就是。Fine. How much would you like to exchange, sir?好的。您要兑换多少呢,先生?Where can I change money?我在哪里可以兑换外币?What's the exchange rate today?今日的兑换比率是多少?A dollar is valued at eight point two RMB Yuan.一美元价值8.2元公民币。Five hundred dollars, please. And could you give me ten dollar in small change?请换500美元。再另外能否给我10元的小面额零钱?Here you go, sir.可以,先生。Will it take long?要好久吗?No. Please endorse the check at the back.不会的。请在支票的不和签名。OK.好的。Anything can I help you with?有我能协助的当地吗?Are you being waited on?您需要效能吗?I'd like to convert some RMB Yuan to US dollar, please.请将我的一些公民币换成美元。Please cash this check.请完成这张支票。I want to pick up the car tomorrow morning at seven. Are you open then?我想在明日早上7点提车。那时你们开门了吗?Yes, we are, Mr. Wang. How are you going to pay?对,咱们开门。你方案如何付钱?May I pay in cash?可以付现金吗?We'd prefer a credit card, if you have one.假定你有诺言卡,咱们较喜爱诺言卡。Yes, of course.可以,当然可以。How long will you keep the car?这车你要用多久?Just three days.只需三天。Are you going to return it here?你要在这儿偿还吗?No. I want to leave it in Chicago.不。我想把它留在芝加哥。That will be fine.那可以。Here's my visa card.这是我的visa卡。Just a minute. Here's your receipt.请等一下。这是你的收据。Do you mind if I pay in cash?你介意我付现金吗?Do you have any objections to my paying in cash?你对立我付现金吗?My plans force me to leave it in Chicago.我的方案使我有必要将它留在芝加哥。Anything else, sir?先生,还要另外东西吗?That's all for now. How much do I owe you?当前这些就够了,我要付你多少钱?That'll be fifty-five dollars and twenty cents.一共55元2角。Can't you make it a little cheaper?你不能算廉价一点?Oh, no sir. We already gave you a discount on each item.哦,不可,先生。每一件东西咱们都给你打过扣头了。OK. I understand. Thank you.好吧,我懂了,谢谢你。Any discount, OK?可以打个扣头吗?It is too expensive. How about half the price?太贵了,半价怎么样?Only a five percent discount? How about twenty percent?只打九五折?8折怎么样?What a price! Lower it, please?这么高的价格!请降点。I'll take it. But the price is a bit high. How about free wrapping?我买了。但价格有点高,免费包装怎么样?Good afternoon. What's the trouble?下午好。有啥不舒畅吗?I've had a pretty high fever since yesterday morning.从昨日早上起,我就一向发高烧。Anything else?还有其它的吗?Yes. I have an upset stomach.是的,我的胃很难过。I see. We'll take a good look at you.我理解了。咱们会好好替你看看。Do you have any other symptoms? Any more than those you've described?你有没有其它的表现?除了那些你已叙说过的?No. That's about all.没有。大约就是这些。Well, I don't think it's anything serious.嗯,我想没有啥严峻的。I'm relieved to hear that.你的话使我松了一口气。I'm having trouble eating.我吃东西时有困难。What I eat won't stay down.我吃东西时感到厌烦。Nothing will stay down when I eat.我吃下去的东西全吐出来了。I'm having some trouble keeping food down.我吃东西时感到困难。That's load off my mind.这一来我心里轻松了。That's relief.真令人欣喜。That's reassuring.真令人安心。Are there any tours for the Grand Canyon?有到大峡谷的旅行团吗?There are several tours of the Grand Canyon.到大峡谷有好几个旅行团。Have you been to our Tourist Information Center?"你去过咱们的""旅客效能中心""吗?"No, I haven't. Would you show me where that is?不,没去过。你可以告诉我去哪里吗?Sure. It's up ahead to your left.好的。往前走,在你的左面。I heard that some tours actually go down into the canyon. Is that true?我传闻有的旅行团真实下到峡谷里去了。那是真的吗?Yes. It's a great way to really see the canyon.真的。那是真实赏识峡谷的好方法。In addition, it's great exercise too, since we do a lot of hiking.还有,那也是个好的运动,因为咱们要长间隔步行旅行。That sounds fantastic. Where do I go to sign up for that tour?那听起来好极了。我到哪里去报名参加呢?Go inside the Information Center.到效能中心去。And tell them you want to go on the tour that goes down into the canyon.跟他们说你要参加到峡谷里去的旅行团。You pay there. I have the next group to go down. I'll see you soon then.你在那儿付钱。我带的下一个团就是要下去的。回见!Would you mind telling me what the climate is like in California?您能告诉我加利福尼亚的气候怎么样?Have you ever been there?你去过那儿吗?Is it true that it's full of wonders there?那里充溢了独特的景象,是真的吗?When was it built?它是啥时分缔造的?Could you give me some information on your European tours?你可以给我一些你们经办的有关欧洲旅行的材料吗?Our pleasure.好的。We have several package tours you may choose, from ten days to three weeks in Europe.咱们有几套欧洲旅行方案选择,时刻从10天到3个星期。I would be interested in a ten-day trip around Christmas time.我有快乐喜爱在圣诞节前后去玩10天。I have one ten-day tour that is still available. It will depart from New York on Dec. 24.咱们一个10天的旅行团还有空位,12月24号脱离纽约。What is the cost?费用是多少?The price for one person for a ten-day tour is only $ 1088, which includes round-trip airfare.十日游每人只需1088美元。这个费用包括来回机票。That sounds reasonable. Let me think it over. And I'll call you back to make reservations.听起来代价还算公正。让我思考一下,我会再打电话预定。OK. But don't delay too long. Or that trip will be all booked.好,但不要拖太久,否则会订满的。May I have a bus map, please?请给我一份公共轿车道路图好吗?If I were you, I'd try one of the newspaper stands.假定我是你,我会到一个书报亭去看看。I would like to know about your honeymoon travel packages.我想要晓得你们办的有关蜜月旅行方案。Where are we now?咱们如今是在啥当地呢?I don't know. We're completely lost.我不晓得,咱们完全迷路了。Oh, here comes a police officer. Let's ask him.哦,一位差人过来了,咱们去问问他。OK. Excuse me. May I ask where we are now?好啊。对不住,请问咱们如今是在啥当地?Yes, you've right in the middle of the Fifth Avenue vegetable market.你们就在第五街的蔬菜商场里。Where would you like to go?你们要去哪里呢?Excuse me, officer, which way shall I take? I want to go back to Beijing Hotel.对不住,警官。我想回北京宾馆,我该走哪条路。Take the right one and go ahead and it will take you five minutes. You can't miss it.走右边这条路,一向朝前走,只需五分钟的时刻你就到了。Thank you.谢谢您。I'm afraid I have lost my way. Where can I take a bus if I want to go back to the downtown?我迷路了,假定我想回市中心,我在哪儿可以坐公交车?I want to go to the railway station. Could you show me the way?我想去火车站,您能带我去吗?Where's this place in the map?这儿在地图的哪个方位?Is this the right way to the station?往车站走这条路对吗?How can I get to Sheraton Hotel?往喜来登宾馆怎么走?Welcome to China. May I have a look at your customs declaration?等待来我国。我可以看一下您的入境请求报表吗?Yes. Here you are.好的,都在这儿。You go ahead with the formalities. I'll see to the heavy luggage.您先去办手续,我来帮您照看大件行李。That's great. I'll come back right after the formalities.那太好了。手续办完后我就回来。What type of visa have you got?您持的是哪种签证?I have a tourist visa.旅行签证。Would you mind opening your suitcase?请把您的箱子翻开,好吗?Not at all. Check it, please.好的,请查看。Would you please make a record of all your foreign currencies?请把你所带的外币挂号一下,好吗?OK. I'll do as you say.好的,照办。Have you filled in the baggage declaration?行李请求单填好了吗?No. I really don't know how to go about it.没有。我真不晓得如何填。Do you have anything to declare for customs?有啥要申报呀?No. I have nothing to declare.没有。我没有啥要申报的。How long are you going to stay here?您在这儿呆多久?About one month. I'm just sightseeing.大约一个月。我只是参观旅行。Have you anything dutiable?您有应交税的东西吗?No, these are only personal effects.没有,这只是些私家用品。Is that all for customs formalities?海关查看就这些了吗?Yes, you are through with it. I hope you will enjoy your stay in China.是的,查看结束。期望您在我国过得开心。Are you carrying any items that need to be declared?你没有带着需要申报的东西吗?Do you have anything that must be claimed?莫非你没需要申报的东西吗?Would you please hand me your customs declaration form?请出示您的申报表给我?Please have your customs declaration form ready.请把您的申报表预备好。All my bags are checked in. I guess I'm all set to go.我的行李都查看完了,看来我可以走了。I know you must be excited to go home after such a long business trip.出差这么久,总算要回家了,我想你必定很高兴。I am sure. So, we'll be expecting the first shipment in less than a month.那当然。咱们都期望第一批货在一个月之内可以装船。Yes, that's right. They'll be there in no time.没错,货很快就会运到。Good. Tell Mr. Gao at the factory to keep up the good work.极好,请告诉工厂的高先生持续尽力。I think all the products are going to sell very well.我信赖这批货必定会卖得极好。We hope so! It's always good to work with you, Tom.期望如此!汤姆,和你们协作老是很开心。I want to thank you for placing such a big order with us. You won't be disappointed.谢谢你下了这么大的订单,你必定不会绝望的。I'm sure I won't. I really appreciate all of your hospitality.这点我信赖。我真的很感谢你的款待。It was my please.侥幸之至。And I'd like to give you a little something to take home. Let me unroll it.对了,我有样小东西想送你,让我把它翻开。This is beautiful! Chinese calligraphy. What do these characters mean?好秀丽!是我国书法!这上面写的是啥意思?They mean long life. I remember you liked the calligraphy at the Palace Museum.龟龄百岁。我记住前次去故宫,你特别喜爱书法。So I thought you might like it.所以,我想你可以会喜爱这个。That's very nice of you. Where did you get it? It's not a print.真细心!你从哪儿弄来的?这还不是仿制的呢!No, it's an original. My father's friend is a calligrapher, and I had him make it for you.没错,这可是真迹。我父亲的兄弟是书法家,专门帮你写的。And his name and the date are on the bottom.他的名字和日期都鄙人面。I'll hang it in my office. But I feel bad I didn't get you anything.我要把它挂在单位。不过,真不好心思,我啥也没送你。Don't worry about it. It's a taken of my appreciation for your business, and friendship.没联络的。这是向你标明咱们在生意及友谊上的一点心意。If you have time around Christmas, please come to visit my family.假定你圣诞节前后有空,等待到我家来玩。And I'll be able to show you around our city.我可以带你在咱们那儿四处看看。Thanks for the invitation. And please give my regards to your wife.谢谢你的聘请。请代我问好贵夫人。You do the same. Well, I'd better go. Thanks again for everything.你也代我问好一声。好,我得走了,再次谢谢你们的款待。Take care, and have a nice flight.请保重!祝你一路顺风!Thank you for taking care of me here.多谢您的周全款待。I really appreciate all of your hospitality.非常谢谢您的款待。Here's something for you.这有东西送你。Please accept these gifts with my thanks.请承受这些礼物以表达我的谢意。Have a safe trip back.祝您平安返家。Have a nice flight.祝您一路顺风。Take care on your way back.回程保重了。Have a pleasant journey!一路顺风!Good morning, sir. May I help you?晨安,先生。能为您效能吗?Yes. I have a room booked with you, for three days starting today. Name of Lu, L-U.是的,我已向你们订了房间,从今日初步,共三天。姓陆,L-U。Thank you, Mr. Lu. Please wait a moment while I check our reservations list.谢谢,陆先生。请稍等,我查一下订房名单。That's Mr. Steven Lu, from Taipei?您是Steven Lu,从台北来的?Yes, it is.是的,没错。Mr. Lu, everything is OK. Your booking is from today through Wednesday. Single room.陆先生,没疑问的。您从今日订到星期三,单人房。Your room number is 512. Here's your key.房间号码是512。这是您的钥匙。Thanks. Could you point me in the right direction?谢谢。您能告诉我要往哪里走吗?Certainly, sir. The elevators are right across the lobby.当然可以,先生。电梯就在大厅的正对面。Floors one to eight are the elevators to the left.一到8楼上下运用的电梯在左面。Hi. I'd like to cash an American Express traveler's check.嗨,我想兑换美国运通的旅行支票。Sure. Would you please sign your name on the back, sir, with your passport number?每疑问。先生,请您在支票不和签上名字和护照号码。And I'll need to see your passport.另外,我需要看一下您的护照。Sure. Can you give me fifty dollars in small bills, please, and ten dollars in change?好的。你可以帮我把50块钱换成小钞,10块换成零钱吗?No problems. Here's your passport, and here's your money. Have a nice day, Mr. Lu.没疑问。这是您的护照,还有您的钱。祝您开心,陆先生。I have room reserved.我已订了房。Please wait a second.请稍等。Please hold on a moment.请等会儿。Hello. I'm calling from Room 1116.喂,我这儿是1116号房间。Yes? Can I do something for you?啥事?我能为您效能吗?I'm ready to check out now.我预备好要结账。I have your bill right here.您的账单在这儿。Thank you.谢谢。Did you make any long distance calls this morning, or did you sign for your breakfast?您今日早上没有打远程电话或吃早餐记账?No, I didn't.没有。Fine. The bill comes to $ 300 even.好。账单上一共是300元整。May I check it?我可以核对一下吗?By all means, you ahead.当然可以。随意。What is this charge here?这是啥费用?That's for a long distance call you make two nights ago.这是你两天前打的一个远程电话的费用。I see. Is a credit card OK?我理解了。用诺言卡可以吗?Yes, of course.可以,当然可以。May I look it over?我可以过目一遍吗?I'll check it, if I may.假定可以的话,我要核对。Do you accept credit cards?你们承受诺言卡吗?Is it all right if I use my credit card?假定我运用诺言卡行吗?Will you honor a credit card?你们招认诺言卡吗?Excuse me. Can you direct me to the toy department, please?打扰一下,请你告诉我到玩具部分怎么走好吗?It's on the 7th floor. As you get off the elevator, you'll see it on your left.在7楼。出电梯后,就在你的左面。Can you direct me to the elevator?你能告诉我电梯在哪里吗?Sure. Go straight ahead and you'll walk into it.当然,往前直走,你就可走进电梯间了。Thank you.谢谢。You've welcome.不必谦让。Excuse me, sir. But could you tell me the nearest way to Beijing Hotel?打扰一下,先生,你可以告诉我到北京宾馆迩来怎么走?Beijing Hotel? Just go down the street and take the third turning on the right.北京宾馆?沿着这条大街,在第三个路口向右拐。The hotel is at the end of that street.宾馆就在大街的止境。How long will it take to get there?去那儿得多长时刻?Abou

t 10 minutes.大约得走10分钟。Thanks a lot.多谢。Could you tell me where the nearest bus station is?你能告诉我迩来的轿车站在哪儿吗?Isn't there a public pool near here?这邻近有没有公共游水池?Where is Chinatown?我国城在哪里?Would you show me the way to the station.你能告诉我去车站的路吗?Are you ready to order now, sir?先生,你预备点菜吗?Yes, I am. I'd like some wine and roast duck.是的。我想要些酒和烤鸭。Roast duck. There will be a slight delay for that.烤鸭。那会略微慢一点。How long?多久?About forty minutes, I think.我想大约40分钟。OK, please. I'll order something else at first.好的,来一份。我先点另外东西。Is this my meal?这是我的菜吗?What did you order?您点了啥?The fried scallops.炸干贝。Oh, sorry. There must be some mistake.哦,抱愧,必定是弄错了。Would you get me some more water, please?费事你再帮我加点水,行吗?OK.好的。Is this what I ordered?这是我点的吗?I don't think this is my meal.我想这不是我点的。Did you bring me what I ordered?你拿来的是我所点的吗?I'd like to cash this check.我想完成这张支票。Can you give me some forms of identification?你能给我啥证明身份的文件吗?I just have my driver's license with me. Is that enough.我身上只带了驾御执照,这样够了吗?That should do.那大约可以了。Will it take long?要好久吗?No. Please endorse the check at the back.不会的,请在支票不和签名。Are you the loans-officer?你是告贷部担任人吗?I certainly am. May I help you?我是,我能帮您啥忙吗?Yes. I'd like to make a loan.是的,我想办一笔告贷。Alright. Please sit down.好的,请坐下。It's a loan for a car I'd like to purchase.我想告贷买辆轿车。I'd like to have this check cashed.我想将这张支票完成。Can you cash this check for me?你能替我完成这张支票吗?I'd like to have this check turned to cash.我想将这张支票换成现金。I'd like to loan some money.我想贷点钱。I'm here for some financing.我是为了一点融资而来。I need the bank to finance something.我需要银行供给某件东西的告贷。I'd like to borrow some money.我想借一些钱。I'd like to buy some stamps for this letter.我想买这封信的邮票。Let me just weigh it first.请先让我称一称。How much will it be?要多少钱?Are you sending it by regular or by speed?你要寄平信仍是快递?Just the regular.平信就好了。That'll be four Yuan.四元。How long will it take for my mail to reach its destination?我的函件抵达意图地要多久?Just two days.只需两天。Thanks.谢谢。Good day.再会!Good day also to you.再会!What can I do for you?我能帮你啥忙?Is this where I claim parcels?这儿是领包裹的当地吗?No, please go to window thirty-six.不是,请到第三十六号窗口。Thanks a lot.多谢。That's nothing at all.不必谦让。How many days will it take for my mail to reach its destination?我的函件抵达意图地要用几天?How much time will it take for my mail to get to where it is going?我的函件抵达它要去的当地要用多少时刻?How fast can my mail be received?我的函件多快会被收到?Could you do me a favor?可以帮我忙吗?Could you tell me how to fill in?请告诉我如何填写。Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you've located it找到行李后,请从速送到我的酒店。Could you tell me when we get there ?请问几点可以抵达那里。How can I get to the connecting flight counter of China airline?我如何找到我国航空公司处置起色货台?

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